The Wrong Gate and The Long Time of Immigration Process

Monday, October 05, 2015

The day was seemed undesirable. I was processed to KLIA International Connection Flight, and the staff told me to wait in Gate P8 for the flight to Melbourne. I dunno, I was waiting from 6 pm until the time of departure at 9.30 pm but no people here. I was very curios to looking for the screen of departure, looking for my plane number, and.. how suprise I am that the departure was in gate P6. It was far from P8, and I run as fast as possible. Lucky, the gate still opened. 

Then, the immigration in KLIA, just I dunno whats trouble with Indonesian passport.. and why the immigration office should loudly said 'Indonesia' hmm yes, I'm Indonesia!

In the morning, I arrived at Tullamarine International Airport, Melbourne at 9.10 pm. Dunno, why the immigration process took long time. It almost 1 hours and the last Greyhound bus to get Canberra was at 12 pm. Again, the declare was very strict and I know. They were use the dog here. And it took about 30 minutes to free from here, while in the other counter other people has a climax conversation because she bring prohibited good but she didn't declare. Yes, whatever you bring, its better to declare it. 

Then.. I don't know. I go to tourism information to get the way to go to Canberra this day, and unfortunately the last bus was over. And the train was sold out. Then, the only one is flight. But I don't think I have enough money to pay 400 AUD, when it half of all I have. 

I decided to took tomorrow earlier Greyhound at the southern cross station, and also book the nearest hostel in Melbourne to the southern cross. So I need to take Sky bus to get southern cross station from the Airport. 

Ah, dunno. When I am alone, when the problem come, I need to solved it quickly. That's why, if one day I have to choose to travel alone or with friends, I'll choose the 2nd one. But, I'll never forget to value this journey, solo trip to Australia. The new continent, with English accent I don't really understand. 

Tomorrow I'll still have long journey, to Canberra, and the last day of course to Sydney.

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