Solo Travel : anxiety which become addiction

Thursday, October 29, 2015

First time of go abroad, I was took my own flight alone transit to Thailand. It was also my first flight, can you imagine it? Anxious? Of course! But I said to myself that I should be brave, and I did. 

When almost of my friends went abroad together with their Indonesian friends, taking many pictures and look very happy,  I was by myself and start to make a connection with new people around me. I met Nepal people and had a long conversation in the plane. 

Then, I met with other Indonesian student which also went to Japan at the same time as me in Thailand. Did you know what I felt? I was very happy that time, although I didn't knew them very well. It was also I felt that they were my brother, just because we were Indonesian among them. 

All the days in Japan was guided by my Korean friend. But then, when I should came back to Narita, I was alone because I was the only one who had earlier flight. The one I was afraid of is about the language, how if I cannot communicate well, because some of Japanese cannot speak English well. But, I'm afraid of nothing! 

Even I got lost, didn't know which Line should I took.. I came to information center and asked them. They were very kind, explained me well. If they could not speak English well, they used pen and wrote it to me so I understood. And I could get Narita safely! 

And then I becoming brave to go alone in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, Special Capital Region. I got lost so many times, but I'm not afraid again. 

It was a year ago, my first chance to go overseas...

Recently, I had another opportunity to joined  symposium in Canberra, Australia.  I was alone, yes, from the beginning. Although it partially funded, but I should managed it well because Australia known as one of the expensive country in the world. 

I was alone and have no relative in Australia, especially Canberra. When my friends usually went somewhere for conference had someone else arranged their needs, I should made it by myself. I started looking for Indonesian people there, and started making connection. Google and Facebook was my closest friends during that time. I was looking for Embassy of Indonesia, Indonesian Students Association (PPI Australia), many groups with correlates between Indonesia and Australia, Backpacker Dunia, etc and started to made connections. Not only about that, the accomodations during symposium, such as hostel and transportation, I should managed it well by myself, then I asked to Indonesian people which stayed in Australia to made it clear for me. 

Someone said to me that arranged the trip was interesting as the trip itself. And then, I believed it! 

It took more than 2 weeks just to arranged my trip from Melbourne to Canberra, and also from Canberra to Sydney. Which the landmark should I visited? What will I do there? How should I go there? 

Then, when I didn't catch the bus as I planned before, it was shocked me and I didn't know what should I did. I just want to cry! But, that was not the answer. I should arranged another plan quickly. Yes, I made it. Although in the bus, really, I was crying. I realized that I should depend on myself, so don't be weak people!!

When I cannot did something alone, it was lead me to asked someone did it for me. It was lead me to the new connection. Yes, of course! 

The last day in Canberra and Sydney, I made it alone. Walking arround the landmark area, and enjoyed it. From the City Hill to Capital Hill, from Darling Harbour to Opera House. Many people also walking alone, so what the matter if I walk by myself? 

When no body to be asked, I just follow my feeling to take the direction. Sometimes its true, but sometime it drive me to the other interest places. 

Walking like a crazy, and when I was tired just looking for the nearest bench or bus stop to sit and take a deep breath. 

It very contrast with Indonesian people, when after my arrival my friends ask me 'you did all by yourself?' and with confidence I said 'yes!'. Although I understood why they asked me that, because Indonesia is communal country. 

Someone told me that having trip with others isn't good idea if you want to enjoy something. I didn't think like that, if then my partner have the same vision with me. But if not, I prefer walking alone. 

Overall, Solo travel is teach me so many things.

Do not afraid! 
Do not depend in other! Whether if you cannot managed by yourself, you can ask other. 
Do not afraid of getting lost! you'll find new way
Do not afraid of failed! You always have chance to start it again

And if I have another chance, I want to travel alone again! It becomes Addiction.

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