The Secretary's Notes (III): the success of an organization

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Several days before, I am being asked for sharing all of my experience to the next secretary of the new period of organization. Basically, I don't know what should I explained. Everything I did just ordinary skill which I had a long time before. Then, I thought it carefully and write it down to the sticky notes and starts writing what the important ability the secretary should have. 
I explained one by one and teach one by one. Train to do this and that, and basically, backing up is not something easy whether your name is not put in the first line, but it needed. So, don't ever think that you are success, if you don't remember people behind you. 

As for me, the indicator of successful organization were about the successful project which all elements felt it benefit, and the relationship of the members were getting closser. Its difficult to create that in the same time, but possible with the cooperation of all stake holder. 
After all about, I just sit down in silent. And then.. 
What the means of success if you cannot inherit it to the next generation?  

You cannot competes with them who has different generation with you, you cannot compare it. 

Success is not the single implementation. You were the successful person, but you are the only one, you are alone. So, can you be defined as successful person? If it can, who will say that?

You creates everything perfect, but after you, no one can use it. Isn't it useless? Yes. 

So, the 3rd requirement of the successful organization is when the organization can inherit all the facilities they creates before to the next generation.

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