How a 'shy man' becomes 'noisy man'

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I was very surprise.. yeah. So many experience, so many unbelievable moments!

May be, a week a go was our first meet. 
Our summer course program started at Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. Taishi and Mai were in my group, while only I and Ukin who picked them up in the dormitory for the first day. Although I experienced more than one times, and most of its with Japanese people, I still cann't bring the conversation going well. 

Our first dinner were only five people: I, Ukin, Al, Taishi and Mai; while the other groups very interesting and powerful, our group just silent. This is also first time for me bringing Japanese student using motorcycle, and I think this also first time for Mai and Taishi. Its hard to bring the conversation, until I said that first time I saw motorcycle in Japan was in Tokyo. Then.. the conversation was about the place have I visited in Tokyo.

Compare to the other, Chun and Yakkun was very popular among Japanese students. May be, this is not their first time, but first time for the other. Yuta also one of the 'noisy' among Japanese students. 

The second day also didn't going well. I just ask to my self, why my group is so silent while the other groups is very noisy? Hmm, I think it a lot. May be because Indonesian people is so quite, thats why we cann't broke the 'ice berg' between us and Japanese people. But, I should think for many times.. I'm the Captain, I should make the group atmosphere better, and yes I should.

And its happened!!
The second dinner, we didn't bring them outside because we should prepare for the cultural night performance. Soo.. Al wrote the story of Malin Kundang as we discuss before, teh Evi bought sate ayam for us, Ukin and Weny bringing Guitar.. I'm the first who arrived at the dormitory, then Ukin and Weny, and the last teh Evi and Al. We had dinner satay together in the dormitory's dinning room and discuss what should we perform for the cultural night. 

'Oishi' said Taishi and Mai almost in the same time. Yapp, this was the first time I saw their expression. We did play drama.. Al as younger malin, I as malin mother, and Taishi as mature Malin. We used our own language, I used Melayu (Its because Al liked Upin Ipin movie -,-), Taishi and Mai used Japanese language. So, the story sound like using 3 language. 

I'm so surprised! Using Japanese language, Taishi can expressed his expression very well. Mai did so. 

And then Taishi ask, why my mother cursed me to be the stone? 
Because you were forget your mother!
And Taishi asked again, why I forgot my mother?
Because previously you were poor, and after you rich, you forget your mother. So your mother angry, and cursed you into the stone.

Yap, Weny gave him excellent explanation!

Let's take selfie
We were in the border of Gede Pangrango National Park, while waiting for the bus, Let's take selfie ^^
One day Japanese friend asked me, why Indonesian people so crazy with taking picture? I cann't explained well, because actually I did not like that crazy way of taking picture too. One or two is enough, just for the memorize.

Cultural Night: I knew who truly they were!

Free time!

Getting Closer

Farewell Party

After SC

My daily activities was always picked up Mai in the early morning, than sent her to the dormitory after classes. Every morning reminder Al or Ukin to picked up Taishi too. It became habit, only 7 days, but when summer course finished, I was really missed that day! Yes I miss you all. 

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