The Secretary's Notes (I):

Monday, July 27, 2015

In the beginning, I know that this way will be hard for me and needs a lot of my attention. May be, almost of my time is needed for that, but someone has strong confidence to believe in my capability.

First time, the new team, the new spirit and also the best performance. I am really happy to have them, the capable team in organization, the cheerful, and high spirit. The out of box thinker, made the organization full of color.

The main job of secretary is organize the organization files and documentation, also the hard was being the mother of organization members. Beside it, I have 'three' on going research to handle. Is it enough to make you crazy? Hmm, I think.

I don't know where it starts to felt strange, when all activities depends on me, I realize that something wrong happened. Why should the event be cancelled only because I cannot participate, while there still another people (read: chief, secretary and treasure) can handle? Am I  the one who responsible for every event? Or, why am I the one who should announce and making decision? While the other cannot giving me opinion, and when the rules announced and some of them disagree, no one in my side, it sounds like I am being back stabbed from behind, by the one who should support me, by the one who order me to announce the rule, but that one cannot standing up the rule, and be the first who break the rule. Who am I? Secretary doesn't responsible to make decisions. Who am I? It sounds that another responsibility fallen into me. 

I don't know that it will need the high level of patience, iron mentality, close my ears from those who talking me behind, tears, and the worst, I never imagine to handle it alone, no one care, no one respect, no one understand the real condition, and ask me to do this and that perfectly, but one day it happened to me. 

Compared to the previous organization which I contributed before, this was the best but also the worst, ever.

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