Kongres FORSCA 2015: Alhamdulillah, Its Over!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It has been a year, actually more if counted from the previous Public Election, but faster if counted from the day of our inauguration day. I have no choice to make it faster after speculate several aspect. First, the condition of our team was not as good as before. Some of them has finished their research and in a month will be graduated, as for me which already harvested my paddy. And if we don't regenerate it as soon as possible, its hard for me to handle every problem again, sooner or later will be vacuum of power. Second, if we postpone the election, the next period will have 'short period of organization' and it means they don't have sufficient time to execute their program. 

Consider that, I have an idea to make up an Public Election Committee to handle the election until the inauguration day. In order to has a bright execution, I need to make the bright plans. It takes a whole night to make the concept of public election, create the poster, registration form and paper of vote, but I did it. Then I transfer to the committee to publish and share it to their class. 

I arrange my daily time into two schedule, morning and night. As in the morning I observe my research, counting the rice spikelet, measure the length of panicles, counting the 1000 grain yield, separated between the full and the empty grain yield, etc. So I only have the night time to thinking and making the concept every step of FORSCA's Public Election, until 12 am.. After that, I need to take a nap or I'll drop.

Then.. after getting the candidates from each class, I don't think I can handle it anymore. Because there are still the responsibility final report and certificates which I need to take care, and if I still handle this matter, I don't have time to sleep. That's bad.

In a week, I finished it all.. Writing the final responsibility report, and also printed out all organization certificates. 

Then I focus on my research, again.

Kongres FORSCA 2015 was conducted in Ruang Sidang 1 & 2, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Thursday, June 25, 2015. The responsibility report was accepted by the forum. And then.. after the hard discussion, Jabal was voted as the new Chairman of FORSCA 2015/2016. Congrats to Jabal Rahmat Ashar.

Alhamdulillah its over!! 

Thanks to mbak Tuti and mbak Jumi, my lab mate who heard my complaint and my problems during a year period of organization. Thanks to Gusmen for all your suggestion. I realize that I'm not alone here, I still have friends who really cares about me.

Thanks to Bayu, who always spare time giving me suggestion and help. Thanks to Dayah, kak Ady Daryanto and Ega Faustina for your participation and highly motivation to handling each program although I can't giving attention on each of its. 

Thanks to Ari Kurniawati, Uni Ayu and Uni Messi for giving me your heart and your ears, for your patiently hearing, and actually I only need to be heard. It doesn't matter if you cannot giving me suggestion nor solution, I can find it myself later... But if no one can heard me, the problem will kill me slowly by makes me suffered a lot, then I don't know how to endure it. The hard part is not about being strong, but no one heard me and only demanded me to do everything perfect as they want.

Thanks to Juju (Riana Jumawati) for your help and your understanding, it means a lot and we've learn a lot. And if we have the same opportunity in the future, I'll never think twice to choose you as my partner. Thanks to Ririh Sekar Mardisiwi and Mariana Susilowati, I did love our collaboration when handling Agrovacation and will remember it. Thanks to M. Syafii, Saidul T. Manik, Jabal Rahmat Ashar for helping me finished the last of my responsibility in FORSCA, you were the future men of AGH. Thanks to Estriana Riti and Maria Paulina, because the two of you, I don't need to worry about FORSCA's website and wall magazine contains which the hard part to Infokom.

Thanks to Mustofa for the suggestion how the future FORSCA should be, I appreciate your out of box ideas. Thanks to Ryan Virvian for your opinion about FORSCA, although till the end I have no opportunity to make it happen.

For all FORSCA's member which I can't mention one by one, I'm really sorry that I can't take care all of you during a period of organization as my main responsibility as Secretary for internal matter, and this is the one which I regret the most. If only, no need for me to do so much external matter...

Thanks to the class member of Fisiologi Cekaman and Pemuliaan Cekaman which full with doctoral students. Although my busy days in FORSCA, these two class was really hard but I enjoy every activities in it. It makes me realize that busy activities isn't the reason to 'underestimate' the report. The critical and analytical thinking is important, without it we can't truly understanding and develop our curious to the knowledge.

Thanks to AGH 2014, I always have the warm and beneficial discussion and learning a lot when having responsi with all of you. For bang Soleh, bang Adi, mbak Dwi, Halimah, Ainun, bu Nani, Ahmad, Intan, Ami, Evi, etc.. You will be the next tentor to AGH. And perhaps your knowledge will always improve and beneficial to others, to our country, and to the development of our Agriculture.

Thanks to Mega and Fardil, we creates new history in AGH for English Debate Competition, one of my achievements during  this year. I'm proud that the two of you were nominated as the best speaker. And I hope, in the next year AGH will be the winner. Cheers up to Mega!

Thanks to kak Erik, pak Ismail and Mas Azis, the former FORSCA's organizer who always giving attention and appreciation to FORSCA 2014/2015.

And to bang Doni, who gave me challenge to handle this hard responsibility. I have no time to regret, but I learned everything the best and the worst in a whole time period of organization. In the end, the most valuable things was, I made friends with AGH, ITB and PBT (2012, 2013 and 2014)  both of Master and Doctoral students.

Thanks to all who always support me behind, so I can stand till the end. I'm nothing without you.

And here, from my personal web blog, I can properly said my gratitude to all of you. And wish you always be success for your academic matter.

I'm demisioner now.

Taking picture together, after Kongres

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