Short Visit in Chiba University, Japan

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Some people already asked me many times about our activities during Short Visit in Chiba University, Japan. And today I'll write it here, so many people can read my story and activities, and perhaps will give you inspiration or at least motivation, but I'll write in Indonesian Language. 

But I think, it would be efficient if I split my article into several post.
  1. Narita International Airport
  2. Orientation and Welcoming Party
  3. Research of Plant Factory in Chiba University
  4. Plant Factory in Japanese Companies
  5. Nishi-Chiba and Matsudo Campus
  6. Tea Ceremony
  7. Wearing Yukata and Making Origami
  8. Tokyo Trip I: Sensoji Temple (Asakusa), Ameyoko (Ueno), Yodobashi Akiba (Akihabara)
  9. Tokyo Trip II: Tokyo Skytree, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya (Hachiko Statue), Harajuku
  10. Final Presentation
  11. Farewell Party
I also write the other articles and has been posted in other website, you can find the link here:
1. Pengelolaan Sampah yang Ramah Lingkungan: Jepang vs Indonesia

Hope you'll enjoy and read till the last post ;)

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