Life to Learn #1: Throw Back Organizations I've Experienced in Undergraduate Degree

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Just in time when I enter Bogor Agricultural University, I feel free and far away from my hometown. Its not about being lonely cause I've experienced before live far away from my family. I just want to becoming 'outstanding' people and I know that I should do more to achieve that. My first goal was to be an organizator or commonly called 'activist' by people. 

My first organization here was KOPMA IPB (IPB's Student Cooperative), that first in my mind I'd like to be an enterpreneur, but then my passion just calling. I didn't join with the Cooperative Team (Pengurus Inti), but I joined with 'Journalist Club' under Information and Communication Department in KOPMA's structure. I don't know why but no one interest with this club except me, than Journalist Club was merger with Cyber Club, and the training was focusing on Design. How to use Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc and more than that, how to create the best desaign that catch people attention. Through this, was first time I realize that I have passion in Designing :)). And then, after becoming crew in DIKSAR II (Pendidikan Dasar, as a preliminary orientation for new member of KOPMA), only me that still wanna stay in Journalist Community, because no more people, I was moved to be the staff of Information and Communication Department in KOPMA taking care of wall magazines and bulletin.

My second year in IPB, I interested in joining Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Agriculture. And again, my passion was calling me, I joined on Information and Communication Center Department taking responsibility on Faperta's Bulletin. But in fact, I was not only responsible with Faperta Bulletin, but all of the 'news' about Faperta. Also being coordinator of Publication, Decoration and Documentation in Gebyar Pertanian was also one of my biggest experience that year. This is the first time for me designing pamflet, leaflet, spanduk, baliho, etc by myself with my newbie capacity in design. After all, I always learning how to be better and how upgrade my skill.

My third year, I still in Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agriculture, as a Secretary Department of Communication and Information Department. My new challenge was for being good at management skill, because secretary was main of mind. Maintenance all of Social Media, and also gather the Faperta Writing Club (making a training schedule, arrange the event, etc).

In the last year, I still have enough energy to never let my passion just go down. Just as my principle, I'll always improve my skill. And not really interest in Student Executive Board of IPB caused too many aspect that I don't want mention it here, I prefer to explore my skill joining IPB Youth Journalist 2011 and continuing in Faculty of Agriculture as a young reporter. Also, I completed my minor study in Communication, so I have minor salutations in Communication. Its important for me, as black and white fact, that I have background in Communication skill, as my basic for my passion.

And now I realize that I cann't separated with 'Journalist'. Journalist isn't only about being a good writer, but the main point is about 'how to transfer the information at the right time, right way and place'. So, journalist always competes with the time. Its my life, my skill, and my capacity. After all, I'll always ready for new challenge and learning :)

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