Overseas: before and after that (about personality and attitude)

Monday, October 13, 2014

As for me getting experience visiting Japan is valuable experience, so I want to share my experience, my knowedge to all of my friends, then thats the value should I pay for the scholarship I got. But I didn't get the warm discussion, just silent and... yeah only a person respon and ask more.. then when I continue, it seems that I post something on the wrong place, although what I posted is about new agriculture technology, not about my picture. I think. may be some of them thought that I am arrogant during my first time experience go overseas. So I choose to stop posting about everything, no exception about 'oleh-oleh'. They don't respect about the new technology I share, I don't know why, but they asks many about free omiyage. Never hope me for something like 'free' omiyage, because I got chance to visit Japan not for shoping.

I don't know why, when I came back to Indonesia, I feel the difference atmosphere about my friends, actually them who join summer course (es. Ibaraki summer course, at the same time I join workshop in Japan). Why they only care about Japanese, Japanese, and Japanese.. and then compare with Indonesian and sometimes they forget that they have a lot of Indonesian friends here. I don't understand.

When I came back to Indonesia, as soon as possible I try to adapted with my culture again, although is far away compared with Japan. Noisy, crowded, and a lot of people have bad manners. But this is my country where I live in, if I always bringing Japan, Japan and Japan, I couldn't life here. As for myself, I'll keep it in myself, like discipline, on time, etc.

As I always remember that I'm not the smart one, but I'm the lucky one for getting this experience. Many people try hard to enter many selection for get the free ticket to Japan, failed and try again. Then, why should I be arrogant about this? For keeping emphaty in front of my friends, never says and tell stories except they ask me them selves.

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