Five Hours in Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Five hours for transit flight, from Indonesia to Narita (Japan). We should transit in Don Muang International Airport (Bangkok, Thailand). I am still walking and don't know what should I do the next. Besides me a student from Nepal who has his Master Degree in Thailand, still have a conversation with me. "Is it your flight?". Yes I am still don't fixed my mind, and then.. "Oh yes, thats my next flight". And I see my name. I say good bye to that student who sit beside my seat in cabin.

As then a person called me "Where are you going sis?" and I answered "Chiba University. And how about you?". He said that he will go to Sapporo, Hokkaido. Then we have short conversation while waiting another ones. Then, comes another one from the same flight with us, He is going to Sendai. Yap the Air Asia X crew leading us to International Connecting Flight, and after check in, our bag should be checked.

From immigration officer we go to departed gate, and I think we should walk all the way. We changes our business card (I remind you, for professional connection, business card really important) and than we talk each other all about the program we took on Japan. They have to enter Doctoral Degree in Japan, but I only join workshop for 10 days, ah they really experienced than me. But our conversation than bring to another topics related to career.

Meeting new people from the same country really valuable, only with them I can entrust my bag when I should go to the bathroom, etc. Only with them we can speak Indonesian freely (as you know, although you can speak english clearly, it always problem when your partner have different pronounciation) without mis-undestanding. Ah, its heaven :D

I still cann't use my english properly, just I know and use it little by little. Five hours really short for our meeting, because we should boarding to the next flight to Japan, and our seat really different and far away. All of the pasenger were Japanese people, and I cann't speak Japanese :D So I just keep silent in the cabin, and I think I should have sleep because tomorrow I still have many busy activities after arrived at Narita International Airpot (Chiba, Japan).

One day in Japan, and I get the WIFI in the 2nd day. I look my inbox mail and I found a short conversation about our first meeting in Bangkok. Nice to meet you guys, hope you'll success in Japan and together we change our country to be the best.

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