First Time of Flying

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

All time passed and I just wondering, when I'll flight with plane? All time passed, and I always using bus, train or motorcycle. The high cost always be the the main I should consider before took the decision that I'll use plane to go home. So just brightly in my mind, only one way I'll use plane as my main transportation, if only I'll go overseas. 

Time is like a gamble, we don't know what will happen although a year later. One day I got the chance, I still cann't believe. Until I said to myself, this is your trip zaa, your challenge, and you'll do it. No one will go with you, because the chance only for 1 person, you or the other. So the choice was do it by yourself, or never.

Yes, first time I entered Soekarno Hatta International Airport and I still cann't believe what happen to me. Doing everything by my own, it feels anxious and nervous, but the one that make me afraid was if only I didn't make it completely. So I just wondering to my self, you could do it za, you could started it, and you must finished it. And then, I created the meaningful sentences to support my feeling.

"All of long journey starts from the first step, the the early step was about your dream"

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