Summer Course: August 24th-26th, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

We joined the summer course with Japanese people from Mie University. At first, I don't really understand why my advisor allow me to accompanying the Japanese student all that days. But after joining this activities till the last day, I begin understand.

In the first day, we have two block, Indonesian and Japanese. One of my senior told me to begin the conversation, they all kind but they shy. I also said to my self, what the benefit joining this chance if you only have conversation with Indonesian? You can do it again later. Then I started encouraging myself that I must have conversation with them. 
Visiting Bogor Botanical Garden
In the following minutes, the Ice already melted and I love it. The big value of communication isn't how clear you speak or how excellent is your language (although its important), but how among you start understanding each other.

Taking the picture (photo) together is one of the simplest way damaged the high wall between us. And after that we just following the heavy conversation like an introducing or just ask simple question like "are you tired?", "do you like it?", or something else.

We visited many interesting places, and also many kind of plant. Bogor Botanical Garden, having a short course with Mr Slamet and Mr Dadang, BPPT plantation of Sagoo, also the last is Cibodas Botanical Garden.
Taking picture with Dean of Agiculture Faculty, IPB
The last day we all stay at Medinilla guest house of Cibodas Botanical Garden, so we have quality time together. After dinner, we have introduce ourselves properly, our background and activity. At this moment I understand that almost of us have the same background (yap, agriculture of course), and every of us have interesting major we will do in our research.

After the official agenda finished, we have our free time, to take a rest or doing something else. We join a game, yap probably universal game. We play uno. The rules of play uno also different between Indonesia and Japan, so we should make it clear first. Through this game we learn the difference, and also we have a good friendship here. I am being the loser in this game, but never mind, the winner or the loser isn't the important one, but the friendship atmosphere. And we continue with the other game.

Friendship isn't end after the event finished, but we must make it endless. So we must keep in contact. Japanese people commonly use LINE or Facebook only in their phone. We switch our ID then. 

I the end I start to understand why my advisor allowing us joining this chance, the important is mentally prepared, for all, before joining the bigger event, especially International event.

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