Apply Visa: Japan (II)

Friday, July 25, 2014

After getting recomendation letter from ICO of IPB, I went to Japan Embassy of Indonesia at Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta. Bringing all documents I've filled out, and in the early morning I went to Jakarta. Yes, I'm from Bogor, and went by commuter line, stopped at Sudirman station. 

The day before, I already search the route of Japan Embassy through Google Maps. Yap, enough to prevent Lost in Jakarta, hehe. Also what kind of transportation should I use. And cause I don't really understand the position of Japan Embassy right after bundaran HI, I choose the safe way to use taxi. Although I'm sure that not really far away.

As arrived at Japan Embassy, I said to the security office that I would apply for visa. Then he open the door for me, fyi, the the door will not open if you don't ask the security guard. Then, I switch my KTP with the visitor ID. I entered the next door, yeah, the security is really tight. All of my bag being checked. And you should noted that do not bring anything harmful. 

Japan Embassy of Jakarta
After confirmed that I don't bring anything harm, then they unlocked the door automatically. Then I enter the other doors that already full with another person, I think so, the have the same matter as me. Then I put the number of queued, and not too long my number was called. I give all my document, then in a moment the recepcionist give me the proof of acceptance that will I used for the next visit, taking my visa. 

Okay then... less then five minnute. And lets go home. Eh, oh no.. I'll resolved my problem first in Sarinah plaza, that I have trouble with my booking flight :D

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