2nd Semester Has Been Ended

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2nd semester is truly full of concern, full of expectation, yeah really... I have no time for other, such writing this blog as usual. As the first decision taking full of SKS this semester is very brave, and took more effort to finished it till the end.

Research always very hard to do, although only need 10 days to go, but it made me crazy looking for my plant each day, in the early morning before coming classes, controlling the water leve.

In the end of semester my time shared between organization maker and final test, and my lecturer contacted me for joining training program, its make me busy completing the administration, but I just took it balance.

But its not that hard anymore, after final result came out. Although not clearly, but it out of my prediction, so whatever happen, I just thank full for this semester.

the next semester I just took 1 lesson, cause I passed the English preliminary course, no need for me taking that course again.

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