The Elections Day

Thursday, April 10, 2014

#9April known as the day of national elections. We should use our voice to vote 'the one' that we believe when he or she won the elections will be the 'right' leader for Indonesia. If you believe that, than you should voted, if not, just came to the TPS (Tempat Pengambilan Suara) and take your paper, make a hole out of the picture, the white area, then you called GOLPUT (Golongan Putih).

Today #9April, I'll tell my story all the way to the place I should give my vote. First at all, I'm not interested in this elections, so I didn't work hard to get permission from local goverment to have election here. But then, my friend from Forum Wacana (just like student executive board or BEM in undergraduate school) collected all data from my class, and also my data (eKTP and KTM). Then, one day I just realize for not being lazy, Golput isn't that kind of lazy to came to TPS, the one I'm worried the most is that my voice will be taken by unknown people for their own advantages. So my opinion changes, I must come to TPS.

Then.. #9April will be unforgetable journey. We promised to meet at Duta Berlian at 10.00 am, just a few of us, and I don't know that will be more. I, ami, elin, ari, mbak tuti, ega faustina, then come the others mbak ocha, uni ayu, sang, refa, meisi, and firman. Just with motorcycle we goes there. Before that we collect some information about Petir, Dramaga from google map and also map of the TPS.

After we passed Sinar Sari, then just I thought there was Petir, caused Neglasari we didn't see the board. Then I said to Ega please watched carefully if there written TPS 07, then we found TPS 06, and ask TPS 07, we back to the first route, yeah.. we found it. But I feel strange, in the past I

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