Chaos and Government Policies Today [Doctors demonstration]

Monday, December 02, 2013

In a week, I thought we have many cases that caught my interest. Its colouring public conversations, also I have opinions that should I write here, due to unsatisfied opinion that almost bothering me day by day.

First of all, we talk about the day that almost of the doctors in this country demonstated demanding their rightness. We judge the doctor as they are the perfect that cann't make mistake, also I know that doctor shouldn't make mistake in diagnosed cause their mistake will determine peoples live. 

For the highest bill pay that patient should pay first before have the first aid, I don't think this matter only related with doctor. Sometimes the doctor only limited by regulations, like the cann't do anything related with administration, if they disobey they will receive the consequences. Just like our administration, like when we make driver licence [SIM] in the police office, identity card in the regions office, etc they forces us to pay some bill [sometimes without receipt] that shouldn't we pay.

Why only doctor that should we critisized? We have high expectations but we never cares about them. Doctor is a noble position that sometimes we expect more than God. They works bringing peoples live, so although one day they use their day for demonstration, people critisized them. Actually I cann't deny with some doctor that have high rates with their reasons, but we also knows that there are much doctor that have low rates bills cause they dedicated their live for society. The choices belong to us.

But for emergencies cases, I don't think that the highest payment in the first is the main subject better than saving anothers live. 

Some people suggested that medical scholl bill pay should paid by government, or in other word Government should give scholarship for them, the doctor to be, or generally for the medical staff to be (like nurse, etc). Then after graduated, they should serve citizen in countryside. If that so, I think that almost of students in official school [sekolah kedinasan] should serve in countryside too.

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