Perfect and Meaningfull Weekend

Monday, October 07, 2013

I think its better to have perfect planning in the weekend, not just having fun, but the main purpose is to refresh the brain, stress prevented. To have 'perfect' weekend, I don't think that its realliy need 'good place' or 'expensive destination', but If we really workhard in the weekdays (the day of non-weekend) we'll actually feel that weekend is really enjoyable.

My Senior High School Friends and Me
I've never planned it well, just coincidence, when a week stressfull of my paper assignment, then my old friends of Senior High School came and join us here in the IPB Dies Natalies, then just out of planned, we goes to Bogor Botanical Garden and a day full walks there. Feel free, also tired is the exception, but I think that as the art of live. When the weekdays our brain tired with almost of assignments, tasks, examinations, then in the weekend we make it tired of our physics. I don't see it as the big matter, but the dynamic cycle of life, balance.

Get along with them at Bundaran HI
The Late weekend, we have a great event at Jakarta Convention Center, Gold Reunion (Reuni Emas) for the IPB Alumni. Although we are the youngest alumni, and several of friends thought that this not the right time for us, but when look at the event, I thought second time to make decision joining this event. Gold Reunion celebrated in 50 Years of IPB, or we'll wait for 100 Years of IPB for joining event like this? How old we are then?

When I came this event and meet up with my beloved 'bachelor degree' friends it feels reunited. Talks casually as we do severeal times a go in the campus, classroom or sometimes cafetaria. Then, out of mind, I have great plan, and my friends agree of that. We have a night at my friends dorm in Setia Budi, then in the morning joins Car free day, a morning full of walks and take the pictures, get a long with my friends at Bundaran HI and Sudirman street, until the end of time of Car Free Day. How meaningfull weekend, physical tired, but feels happy :D

The other weekend not always have going out with my friends, sometimes just spend a night in the cafetaria with my WE's friends (part of KMK, a group members that contain students from Klaten), talks free-ly, ask the news, sharing the problems, or sometimes just meet up. Thanks to them that my weekend never bored, full of jokes. Some of them still here, work in Jakarta, and some of them still studies in Bogor. 
WE (Winning Eleven), memorable as usual
Perfect and meaningfull weekend for me is the time for relax, refresh, and think out of my field studies. No tasks and assignments. To get along with that, I always schedulled my weekdays full of plan. Do the excercises, assignment, reading journals, writing scientific papers, etc.

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