Meet Up with Old Friends

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have graduated from Senior High School since 5 years ago, and now it feels memorable. Twice chance of reunion and I regret it now for not coming because I always sick when back home in Eid al Fithr. As result for now, I contacted most of my old friends to keep relationship with them, and I won't loose my Senior High School memories only because I loose contact with them.

If we cann't meet, that the beneficial of technology, why shouldn't try chatting with skype, facebook, Line or WhatsApp etc. There no reason for cut the relationship over, except they don't have the same desire as me to keep this relation (silaturahmi). After all, I still found them, who have the same mission as me.

Last Monday, I meet with one of them, although we attended different class, but until now we still keep silaturahmi. Sometimes I misscalled her with my College friend cause she has the same name, but because of that, we still contact each other. She visited Bogor to have Bogor Botanical Garden's visited, but due to the climate Bogor of that due, people on the ticket counter suggest her not to enter that day, its dangerous to enter Kebun Raya Bogor when it will rainy. So then we meet up at Botani Square, near Kebun Raya Bogor.

Only an hours I can chat with them, due to I must go to my uncle home before sunset, how precious that time? Hahah.. meet up with old friends need more time, or at least a night for talks many subject, or may be we should stay a night full just for that.

For two months, I have met three of my old friends. Two of them were my classmates, and one for my neighbour class. And I still keep contact with my table friend, my closest friend that also take Agriculture subject but in different university, thats I feel that keep silaturahim also keep Rezeki, also have long live :D

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