Halal Bi Halal Winning Eleven (HBH WE)

Monday, August 12, 2013

After successed Tour de Home, this year WE has new program Silaturahmi or visited the home one by one member of WE that called HBH WE :D. The turn to be visited is based on Jarkom (Jaringan Komunikasi) List, and the first turn goes to our team leader Andi Rahayu^^

For 2 years I never join Tour de Home for several reasons made me think twice that I cann't ignore that chance again. Although not all can be participated in this ocassion, but one by one people come ;). Rosita come in the middle of meeting, then at last Juli Sarwanto(our friend that moved to STAN for the first year in IPB) also join this event.

We begin this silaturahmi at 15.30 (formally), then we talk one another until maghrib time, and we planned for ending this after maghrib, but then we need more time until 7 pm to end this conversation. After graduated, after long time not see each other, its more thing to be talked about.

Next year this event will be held at Shinta house. Then the question will "When my turn?", its 9 years later from Now on because my name is in the 10th list of Jarkom :D. Is that time when all of us have new family? or someday we also bring our children there, lets see!

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