Yamashita Tomohisa

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The first time in my blog I write about some one in special post. Yeah, I was very interesting with JDrama, then my friend give me 3 drama in my notebook. First night, I watch Buzzer Beat. That drama talk about basketball player, he was talented player, but always failed to shot properly in critical time. He never give up about his dream, to be the best basketball pleyer, then in the end of story he can make a 'buzzer beat'. Kamiya Naoki, the cute boy, however the boy which have special ability in cooking is interest for me, that catch my interest, then I think the cast must be a good actor :D

Second, I watch Nobuta wo Produce, although I have no interest in the first sight, but I think when I was started, I must finished it. The main character is okay for me, but then the second character, Kusano Akira is very disturb my mind. Who is he? ALAY or newbie in English slang. Heuhh.. just why he act so strange here?? Althought in the last scene of this drama he shows better attitude. Then I think, who the cast is the best actor, cause he caught my feeling for hate him so much :P

The third, also the last drama my friends give to me, Code Blue. The first time opening this drama was caught my curiousity, what will this drama talk about, when the heli flying that awesome, then about hospital. I found 4 main character that the cast not very strange for me, the main character for Aizawa Kousaku (I still don't know who he is, but not strange, I'm sure if he is the cast for Kamiya Naoki), Aragaki Yui (I saw her in Papa to musume), Erika Toda (I saw her in Nobuta wo produce as Shuji girl friend), and then the cast for Fujiyama Kazuo (I saw him on Rich Man, Poor woman). Then, googling for his name and  I found that his name is Yamashita Tomohisa. A cool doctor, skillfull and talented but have problem with conversation with other and less cooperative. I look for his history film, then I found that he is the also have role in Nobuta wo Produce. What??.. as kusano?? I got shocked by him. What?? the guy that very annoying?? Ouch... He is very good actor, he act so perfectly, when he has to do something very annoying then he could, and when he do something interesting he could do the best to. From the newbie and annoying, the transformed to be the cool one?? Thats awesome :D

Then, could you look for his picture, then look how different he looks like in every role he play :D that's why, I write this note for him, as little prize for him :D
Yamapi as Aizawa Kousaku (Code Blue)
Yamapi as Kamiya Naoki (Buzzer Beat)
Yamapi as Kusano Akira (Nobuta wo Produce)

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