MAY, The Historical Month

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MAY, the 5th month of the year, always come so fast. When it come, although I have no idea what will happen, and also what the best plan for it. I never imagine, never forget about the day very important, also it seem no different between the other day. Just if I can forget about that day, no remainder, then get suprised by the other, it would be the best thing, perhaps.

Opening the first day of May with International Labour Day, then followed by National Education Day. Then the other history date in May, almost of them happened in 1998, ex. 12 May is dedicated for Trisakti Tragedy, 21th May is for Reformation Day also called by "Lengser Keprabon", dethroned of the President. 27th May is the Day for Earthquake that happen in Central Java and Yogyakarta in 2006, the big earthquake, and also I was there when the disaster happened.

But, of all, when May come, it always be remainder for me for the next plan, for the next future. Evaluate the past plan, and also arrange the next target, always be like that. I won't predict something special, because for me, it just time for being reborn with new spirit. So, when May come, its better to found the new energy :D.

Happy MAY>

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