Keluarga Mahasiswa Klaten (KMK) Participated in FBBN

Monday, May 20, 2013

IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) has been held Big events of Horticulture that called Festival Bunga dan Buah Nusantara (FBBN) or I'll translate in English as National Fruits and Flowers Festival in 17th, 18th, and 19th May 2013. This event devided in to many activities like opening ceremony by Ministry of BUMN and Rector of IPB, then expo stand in Pascasarjana court Baranangsiang IPB, then in 2nd day many competition with horticulture theme has been held. In 3rd day, there were parade car and people that followed by senior high school student in Bogor, also regional student university organization that called OMDA in IPB, with creation of flowers and fruits.

Surely, this event is the BIGGER years event (read: Festival Tanaman, that always known as FESTA) that always be hosted by Himpunan Mahasiswa Agronomi IPB (Himagron), but this year is special so this event going to be the one of IPB BIG EVENT for 50 years of IPB Celebrations (50 Tahun IPB). Since a year before I was the one coordinator division in that team, I know a little about the places also several activities seems not very different from the year before.

In the midle of parade
Keluarga Mahasiswa Klaten (KMK) or in English will known as Klaten University Students Family, just like PPI if you're foreign university student, PPI Jerman, PPI Japan, etc. but this is for local city. In this occasion, KMK also following this event, not just participated but perform their best local flower and fruit. The fruit that has been choosen is Sawo, also the flower that has been choosen is Jasmine.

In this parade, participants should be walking around Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden) and Istana Bogor (Bogor Palace), started from Campus Baranangsiang main gate walks to the north, through Sempur, then Istana Bogor, Bogor Trade Mall (BTM), Tugu Kujang, then back to main gate. Not only KMK that participated this parade, but also more than 40 OMDAs that join. The winner of this parade will be choosen according to their performances, mascots, creations, etc.

coutesy of Indri Irmawati
This parade start at 06.00 WIB, but the participants must be on location at Subuh time of prayer (about 04.30 WIB), so there be so many crowded in 4 gate of Kampus Baranangsiang IPB. From the main gate, from the start until finished, there are almost people watching, stand by camera (I don't know what for, just taking picture or recorded the video), almost yelled, almost...., yeah so busy there.

With the bride and groom riding scooter in front of the line, then we were yelled our yel-yel loudly, never lost with the other. Our team use dresscode retro, classic mode, but I cann't see that in the woman fashion that seems no different, but when look at the boys, hhaha, just I wanna laugh loudly, they seems look like the beetles, or Koes Ploes :) People caught their interested on boys fashion, they yelled loudly, also goes to the midle of parade just for taking picture with the boy one of us, hhhaha. Although time go on and we feel our feet seems got tired, but as long the road, we still walking until the finished line.
The Old Fashions style
Although I was an alumni, but according to my friend who also have been graduated like me, as long as we can help and participated, why don't we help and participated? Although almost my friend in major Agronomy and Horticulture also went there individually, but I have been decided that this year I join KMK, for joining my majormate there will be every years also the next years, perhaps. Then at least I wanna say that FBBN is great succes, perhaps the next year festival tanaman not only the casually event again.
I and my friends, the last grade
KMK, Yes We Are Family!!

yang protes akhir2 ini ane nulis pake bahasa inggris harap maklum. ane juga gak yakin bahasa inggrisnya bagus, cuma salah satu sarana menciptakan nuansa bahasa inggris yang kental for up grading TOEFL score, juga salah satu upaya biar artikel yang ditulis lebih luas jangkauan pembacanya :D

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