Code Blue: Doctor Heli - Emergency Lifesaving

Friday, May 17, 2013

Code Blue is an emergency code that generally used to indicate patient requiring immediately resuscitation, in other words the patient need medical attention, and commonly result of cardiac arrest. Here, I'll talk about Japanese Drama entitle "Code Blue". Similar with the title, this drama is about Medical Emergency or Lifesaving.

In Japanese Drama, Code Blue devided in to three part: Code Blue Season 1, Code Blue Special, and Code Blue Season 2.

Four doctor wanna be flight doctor in Shohoku Emergency Medical Service are in training. They introduced with some cases that requires their skill, knowledge, and right decision in time. They must compete each other to be the best so they can flight with helicopter (that called Doctor Heli) for rescue emergency accident. In this drama, Five main actor were Yamashita Tomohisa as Aizawa Kousaku (flight doctor in training), Aragaki Yui as Shiraishi Megumi (flight doctor in training), Toda Erika as Hiyama Mihoko (flight doctor in training), Higa Manami as Saejima Haruka (flight nurse), and Asari Yosuke as Fujikawa Kazuo (flight doctor in training).

1. Code Blue Season 1

taken from DramaWiki
In this season is opened with the first day of flight doctor training. Marimoto sensei give much explanation about the hospital room, also about lifesaving to the four doctor in training. Then, one patient in emergency condition was arrived with helicopter and every doctor in traing wanna perform their capabilities in front of their seniors. Shiraishi is the best at memorize the theories, then Hiyama is the respectful but less careful, she has no self confidence when intubate the patient. Aizawa, the cool one, silent, but choose the right decision and skillful of doing operation, so he is the first that caught Kuroda sensei attention.

In the first time of flight, Shiraishi have the first chance between other, but when she was in the location she being confused for making decision. The Second chance goes to Aizawa that can making the right decision amputated the patient right on location avoiding the heart disturbance. The third chance goes to Hiyama behind Mitsui sensei, she also do nothing when at location so Mitsui sensei called another doctor for help. But only Fujikawa that have no chance for first filght.

Times go on, then one by one their weakness opened. Aizawa the perfect one then have a problem with their Grand mother that have dementia, this scene made me crying. Family background of Aizawa is opened here, he was child which abandoned by his parent and he only know that his parent were died, and he is raised by his grand mother only, taking University to become doctor with Scholarship. He is calm, when making decision. Also cool, when the time for his duty, he choose helping other and taking an emergency operation better than take care his grand mother. In the end, he aware that he is the only relative for his grandma that can support her healthy.

Saejima's boy friend that she said was died, he appeared here. Also family background of Saejima, his father is doctor, his brother also his sister. Only her in her family that didn't make when take university exam, after that she never speak with her family. Her boy friend actualy her brother friend that asked for being her tutor for preparation university entrance.
Fujikawa's background also opened here, her mother that alway carry on him, support him, but he still cann't give the happines for his Mom. Although he aware that emergency doctor not always in Flight, but He would do everything he can do there. At the final of this season, Kuroda sensei admit him for flight.

In one scene of accident, Shiraishi going in hurry for helping people in the place that have not be confirmed safetly and Kuroda sensei run after her for safe her as a result Kuroda sensei involved in this accident, his arm need to be amputated for saving his life. Aizawa who cut his arm, but when back to hospital, Marimoto sensei wanna to reattach his arm with help form Aizawa. As a result for this, Kuroda sensei never can be perform on operation again. Aizawa got confuse with his decision, also Shiraishi have big trauma.

Doctor heli, in the emergency situation they must be able for saving people, with limited equipment and limited times, that note I get from Kuroda sensei in this season.

2. Code Blue Special

taken from DramaWiki
After several weeks break, these doctor in training come back to Shohoku Emergency Lifesaving Service. In this special season, they involved in the big accident, the train has derailed in Chiba then they were sent for helping in the accident. 

In this emergency, Mitsui sensei give job Shiraishi for the first aid and triage, then Aizawa, Hiyama and Fujikawa comes later. Fujikawa and Hiyama helping people in carriage 3 that have been confirmed safety. Fujikawa in the carriage, and Hiyama out door of the carriage. 

Kuroda sensei that accidently hide his resignation hear this accident and decided for helping this accident first before going to take resignation.

Here, Fujikawa doing the first time operation that never he do before under instruction Kuroda sensei. Also in other carriage, Aizawa have operation opening the head of a child to attacht the blood in his head that can caused died called hematoma using technician equipment also under Kuroda sensei instruction.

Hiyama helping patient in the top of carriage, then unfortunately the carriage going to shake. She fell down and then unconcious. No one know about her, until the end of the lifesaving, Kuroda sensei found her and called Aizawa for helping. Hiyama has cardiac arrest, that need to be intubated, but she has problem with her heart, so when arrived at the hospital she was operated by Heart Surgery doctors.

Aizawa grand mother discharge from the hospital and have decision for live herself, and when Aizawa sensei confess his decision for living together with his grandma, he got scolded because his grandmother think that Aizawa has job for lifesaving, he cann't take care of her.

The point for special season I catch was about life and separation. In this life full of uncertainty, the only certainty is separation, when the time come, it will happen.
"There are words that should be said. Words that make you regretful if you don't convey them when you can." (Aizawa Kousaku)

3. Code Blue Season 2

taken from DramaWiki
Code Blue season 2 is talk about last three month before their graduation from their trainee in Shoyo University North Hospital as flight doctor, and then they must choose their live after graduation. Aizawa start doubt about his future, Shiraishi being shadowed by her past about causing Kuroda sensei's arm being amputated, also Hiyama that have unusual heart beat.

Tachibana Keisuke, ex-husband of Mitsui sensei, replaced Kuroda position supervised the trainee. In this season, more operation look better then before, also have more tense.

In this season, Saejima's boy friend died when Saejima on duty. Shiraishi have problem with his father that forced her to take specialist. Aizawa being confused about his family, also Hiyama being trauma because one of his patient family brough her to the court, Fujikawa I think start fall in love with Saejima. In this season, I cry more then the first one.

Several quotes I got from this season: 
"What is mistakes? if the decision was right and the result is worst, it still called as mistakes" (Saijou sensei)
 "Result are what count. If the results are good, they're told you were corageous. If they are bad, you're called a murderer and taken to court. No one can avoid the process. That's our job." (Aizawa Kousaku)
"When alone, people don't value life. It's only when there's someone they one to be with, someone they don't to sadden, that people value their own lives" (Aizawa Kousaku)

In the end of this drama, they still in the emergency lifesaving. But, why Aizawa wears uniform from Neurosurgery?? Ahaha, may be he is one from neuro surgery that specialized in lifesaving division.

After watching this drama, I know little about medical emergency, about dementia, triage, hemiplegia, intubate, cardiac arrest, CT scan also MRI, etc. In the medical emergency, the medical staff (doctor, etc) sort the patient according their level of injury, the emergency one will be transported first to get examine, that called triage. I also know that even people cann't breath, doesn't mean that they already died, they have cardiac arrest, situation when there is no oxygen to be transported to the brain, if that happen for several minnute, the person will died. So, when the person have cardiac arrest, doctor used to intubate for helping the patient getting oxygen.

This drama recomeded for who want to be a doctor, or you are the medical staff, or student in medical course. Also there who have interested in medical and emergency lifesaving, like me :D. I was an agricultural graduate student, but interested in many medical cases because almost of big my family have medical background.

"Then, what’s miracle to begin with? Oneself and one’s family being healthy, to have something one can devote oneself to, having superiors and companions that correct your mistakes, having partners to which you feel you don’t want to lose. If we can call this sort of modest happiness a “miracle” then this world we’re living in might be overflowing with miracles. We just don’t realize it. That right! They’re right beside us. A lot of miracles"
Aizawa Kousaku

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