16th MAY

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In my family, our birthday never be celebrated. Since in the Senior High School, always in our friends birthday we make surprise for him/her. The surprise sometimes very extrem, sometimes just unpredictable celebration, depend on his/her attitude or relation to other. The worst surprise I ever seen, people hit by eggs also with wheat, just I imagine, I hate being surprised like that!!

This year, I don't have any plans of celebration as usual, because for me, to be celebrated or not, my age still added one point to be older. But for my friends, I don't know what they plan for me, I just imagine that the worst surprise will never happen.

Today, I have ruined my friends plan for surprising me. All of day I help the research of the Doctor student, counting how many wheat seed, and it needs a day. I stay in my friend room (kost), and my room is empty. My friends (wadesta) don't know, then they have arrived in front of my room, then called me when they suddenly aware that I'm not in my room. I answered the call, then open the inbox, reply the message that  still in my friend room and will be back after maghrib. I don't know if they have been arrived, then they come to my friend room that not far from my room, okay, surprise I already know, happened in my friend room, I have ruined their plan :D

But I wanna say thank you for the pudding, they made special for my birthday :). Arigatou gozaimasu..., thanks to Cucun that her room was mess because of me :D. Thank you all... mbak Eka, Hasrat, Didi, galuh and Indra for suprised that 'ruined' already because of me.

When I went back for my room, I look for my friend room that their lamp was light on, eumh.. Just take a bath, prayer, and then I open my laptop for doing my activity that I have to finished it. Play my favourite Jappanese song, then start browsing for doing my work. But then, Mia called me out...

She wears the same shirt with me, I still don't know what will happen. Then, they sing "Happy birthday to you... Happy birhday to you...", Hwaa.., really I got surprised with this plan. Okay, today was not boring at all. Thank you for Ami, Rista, Bunga, and Mia for surprising me this afternoon.

Then I write this story in my blog, I opened google and I found that Google also give me greeting in 'google doodle', Happy Birthday Arinal. 

Thank you for every body for your do'a, greeting, surprise, cake and puding :D

After all, I wanna say "otsukaresama desu" :D

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