Where Klaten Located is?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sometimes person asked me, "where do you come from?" or "Where your hometown is?". I answered "Klaten". And the next question that will be asked is "where is Klaten?". Then I'll open my drink bottle, drink all of the water inside, and begin to explain. Oh, hhahaha, the last sentence is too much.

The unique thing that not every body can do is pronounce "Klaten" perfectly as local residents. It sounds like 'th' in the 't' consonant, difficult to explain, but if you meet somebody came from Klaten, just asked him/she How is the right pronounce of "Klaten".

Klaten, where is it? May be I'll ask you the hint first. Did you know where Yogya and Solo?. Central Java, right. But Yogya is special area in Indonesia, usually called Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY). Then, Klaten is an administrative city (now known as regency or Kabupaten in Indonesian) between them.

Still don't know where is it? Yeah, no problem. I'll give another hint. Did you know Prambanan, the biggest Hindu's temple in Indonesia? It is in Klaten, actually the boundary between Klaten and Yogyakarta. And not far from there, also a temple called "sewu", the second largest Budhist temple in Indonesia after Borobudur. 

Perhaps now you was knowing where is Klaten location. If still not, just look at Google map :D, Hahaha.

I'll tell more about interesting places in Klaten besides those two. For cultural sites, there also another temples, like Plaosan temple, Bubrah temple, lumbung temple, merak temple, and still found another temple. There is located Pandanaran tomb, known as Sunan Pandanaran or Sunan Tembayat in Paseban, Bayat, Klaten. There also another tomb, the poet from Solo empire, Ronggowarsito in Trucuk. In Jatinom, there a ceremony hold in Sapar (one name of month in Java tradition) called Yaqowiyu.

For the natural sites, there also have beautiful scenaries in Deles, a place with fresh air in the downhill of Merapi Mount. Other place is Jombor, such as swamp, it known as Rowo Jombor. If you mind, there is also located Gondang winangun Sugar Museum, in the main road of Klaten.

Have you interested with Klaten? Yeah.. just visit then. If you need a guide, just message me :D

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