Graduation Ceremony

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A ridiculous statement from my friend that "how much flower or gift that somebody get from other in graduation ceremony is depend how famous they are, how they can socialize with other". Sometimes I think, yeah, bother me. But the real thing is that as long as you have friends, you have no worry. Friends will not let you alone.

Waiting for a half of year after my graduation letter, it is something that everbody have been waiting for, their family honour, yeah at least like a party. In new era of IPB, in a year IPB held five times graduation ceremony in September, December, February, April and July. But for the next periode, IPB will held six time (learning from my periode, I and my friends have been waiting for six months from our graduation letter to be formally be ceremonial). 

Different from the other state university, in IPB the moving ribbon in our hat is moved by the rector, one by one and all of the graduate student. If another university held the Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, IPB hold on Wednesday, tha last Wednesday in that Month. When the graduation ceremony has been held, don't be shocked that always happen traffic jam any where.

After all, graduation ceremony is only formality that every one waiting for. Identical with flowers, gifts, chocolate, and take the pictures.

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