The Layouter, SP

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today ami, the last member of the layouter who have graduation, take her final exam. She borrow my netbook, then our picture still be the background in my dekstop, then talk about the layouter again that remembered me on someone. 

Whaha, she is my younger sister in AGH, Yesy that comment when saw at our picture (someday after my graduation). "Kak, the first who graduated is kak Ray, then goes to the right side of picture, then kak tamma, then kak adis, then kakak, then kak ami". I look after our picture again, whoaa, thats right, like that our picture is in sequence. Emm, is that a sign? Oh no, haha, for me is accidently :D

But now, all of member the layouter have graduated. I called "the layouter, SP" :D, may be. No matter, but at least we have graduated all :D

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  1. whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa selamat untuk kita semuaaaa :)))


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