You were too SERIUS!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today I was a practical assistant again, replace my friends position cause he couldn't attend todays schedule. Just googling about todays material, it too night when my friend asked me to replace his position. Yeah., "pengajiran" when it made us so confused several years ago.

I was called my boardingmate that also practical assistant for teknik budidaya tanaman today, I ask her and we go together after a little miscommunication this morning. Yap.., we were late. Haha, when we were student, we never late, but cause a little trouble we late as assistant. Heuhhh.

I and ami were supervisor for group 8-14 at Bisball field. Mela responsible for group 1-7 at football field. First, group 10 were tha fast one measure their rope with "meteran" than I told them for made the  siku-siku triangle. They were the "kompak" one and I pride for them, hehe. Next, the following group that I help were "Pak Lurah" group. Yeah, although they were "kompak", but they also talkative. But they heard my advice, so they were the 2nd fast after group 10.

Then, I try to help group 8 cause Ami was helped another group. Hmm, how 'amazing' this group!! The more member, but they were too ambisius. The "keras kepala" one, the "un-obedient" one, every body want their voice to be agreed, but their choice were "false". Okey, I said "Hey, why you were too serius? this is practical, not at the class". "Yaeh, we were serious!", one of the said. Oke, this is first time I meet "akhwat" that too "keras kepala". Only 2 boys here, and they were the "calm" better then other. I just say, oke.. I don't mean you were not too play, but your group temperature were so high and made every one "angry". Just one the leader, not every body talk, just hear the leader, you were acomplished at all.  

This is unpredictable group, I and Ami together help them. Their leader I know very well, Ujang, and I think he was the one confused about their member. Every minnutes call me and reported their progress. "Kak, we were false at all" said Ujang. But heuh, again I hear "If no mistake, we never learn" from one of them. Oh God, why this group to 'complex'. Its okay that you made mistake, but If you could give the best why just made mistakes? I just saw, no comment. The boy said "nggak papa ya kak, yang penting selesai". I just keep silent and said to Ujang, "Just finish this work, I won't made you rebuild again coz your member were "nyebelin"". Cheer Ujang!!

Again, meet Samsi. For many reason I meet this boy, my little brother at OMDA. Okey, just coincident :D. I pride with his group, no comment, only one girl but they were "kompak" in silent. Oh.., what that's meaning of kompak in Silent? Hahha. at least not NATO-lah (No Action Talk Only).

Meet again with the Malaysian student and Ika, I said "you were always at the same group yah..". Hhaha, just kidding. This group also fast, although not the faster.

The lesson of today were if in the group only the talkative member, won't hear one another (at least their leader), they were the last one as I see today. Its a simple problem, just about how to organize. 

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