Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There are many thing that made me doubt about the history:

1.     In the Princess Men film said that Grand Prince Suyang have 2 daughter and 1 son. But after I read the history, Grand prince Suyang have 2 son and 1 daughter. 

2.    In the Queen Insoo film,  said that Prince Do Won is the oldest son of Grand Prince Suyang, but after read at wikipedia, the oldest son of Grand Prince Suyang from his Queen is Crown Prince Uigyeong. Do Won is his son from his lady consort. Then, who becomes Insoo husband? Coz i’m sure know that Insoo became Queen for his child although her husband didn’t become a king. I’m sure that Insoo married with Grand Prince Suyang oldest son. 

Altough that only fantasy, but about history they cann’t make fantasy too... it can make false perception.
any people can help me understanding this matter?
Oho...,make me courious... is there any book can I read? But I don’t know sure about korean language, although I can read hangeul.

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