Thursday, April 26, 2012

General Stadium the 60th Years Indonesian Agricultural Education with Dahlan Iskan
(Young Generations: Spirits for Indonesian Agriculture Developments)

This is one of the 60th Years Agricultural Education Celebrations that took a lot of civitas academica IPB (student, lectures, staff, reseachers, etc). This event took place at Graha Widya Wisuda April, 17th 2012 started in 7 p.m. Opening with keroncong performances from the winner of IPB Art Contest 2012 singing the Bengawan Solo song.
            The BUMN minister arrived at 19.15 WIB,  entered the Hall with Rektor IPB followed by another local goverment. Audiences stand up giving the great respect, then singing Indonesia Raya song and continued with Hymne IPB. Applauses heard from that hall after finished the singing.
            In this event, was showed the documenter movie about 60th Years Agricultural Education that inform the audiences about history of agricultural education in Indonesia from the Dutch colonialism to the recent discovery from any developing reseach. Trough the speech entittled “Indonesian Life or Die” in the first stone placed, Soekarno have been got up the young generations courageous. The means of that speech are about food problems and asked responsibility from the young generations.
            Dahlan Iskan began this general stadium that focussed on “The Persistence as A Basic of Indonesian Agricultural Development”.

Tropical Fruits
Everything about trading, will competed with China. China have the largest number of populations and also the largest area in the world. But we have the tropical fruits that never be competes with China. Although they could plant the pineapple, but the taste is acid. So they prefer the pineapple from Indonesia.

Bulukumba is the one of East Indonesia. The main employment there is fisherman. As we know, fisherman is the poor citizen in Indonesia. In Bulukumba, seaweed is a potential source the fisherman, replacing the fishes. But, only if every fisherman have 2000 strings, they could life enough. Commonly, the fisherman have about 1400 strings. Then, they need finance help to increase thir strings so they could life enough.
As a note, Bulukumba is experimental area for Seaweed Cultivation. Then we need the processing factory to process the seaweed into powder.

Sorgum is the efficient plants. We got the fruit as a carbohydrat source, and we took the steam as the source of bioenergy. But we need the efficient machine to convert the sorgum steam into bioenergy.

There are no match between the research and the fact. The reseach has discovered the new variety of supperior seed, but the farmers still using the heritage seed. The goverment giving the supperior seed and the fertilizer loans, and they’ll pay when the harvest come.
Another problem is the unemployed land. The BUMN will ask the land owner to hand over the cultivation land, then will be sharing benefit.

            In the last of his speech, he emphasize that a college student must learn the thinking capacity, metodology and the sistematic. Another subject will be easy adapted if we have three capability above. Then, we’ll be the modern country if the social dependence on goverment is decreased.
            This event closed by seriosa performance from the winner of IPB Art Contest 2012 and solo vocal from Pradana Diva collaborating with Gentra Kaheman.

*It was surprised me that Samsoe Sadjad is the one of the first student of agriculture faculty, University of Indonesia (now, it becomes IPB), the he must be the minus generation J

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