Interesting Views from GARUT

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garut isn't as big as Bandung, the neighbour city. Garut have their inner beauty, the beautiful sceneries. Papandayan mount, Guntur and Cikuray are the connecting structure mountains in Garut. They have their own character and suggested for the nonprofessional climber. The series number of mountains may the reason why Garut weather is cool.

Papandayan is located at Karamatwangi (village), Kecamatan Cisurupan. Papandayan is 2622 mdpl, and safety for climbed. The beautiful sceneries could be enjoy are the famous "Papandayan Crater", and almost "Eidelweise field" here...

Papandayan Mountain, captured from Pangauban Village

The one of Papandayan Craters
Completly Papandayan Scenery
Cikuray isn't higher than Papandayan, but the valley is cultivate by almost farmers here and be the fertil land. Cikuray look beautiful to be captured from another place.
Cikuray Mountain, captured from Kp. Pusparendeng Desa Pangauban

Situ Bagendit is one of the Lakes here which opened as tourism object. To enter this place, we must spent Rp 3000 for a person. Then we could rent the raft (RP 30.000/raft) to cross the lake, we just sit down and enjoy the scenery, took a picture, etc. In the middle of lake, we could by the Coconut water (air kelapa muda) and enjoyed over the raft. Almost this lake is covered by weed (Eichornia crassipes) but the raft or sampan still crossed.
Raft can be rented

Situ Bagendit

Darajat also the one of tourism object. This is the "warm bathing place" located at Pasir Wangi, Garut. Almost locations offer the warm swimming pool, to entered this place we must spent a lot of money. ;D

Cangkuang is one village which offer more then one tourism object. There located Cangkuang temple and Situ Cangkuang. 

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